Scuba dive at Bazaruto

Dive into a watery wonderland awash with iridescent colours and shapes

The essence of a Scuba dive

Ideally situated in a protected marine conservation area and home to Africa’s only population of the rare dugong, &Beyond Benguerra Island offers exceptional diving opportunities. The island boasts outstanding topaz reefs, perfectly and naturally preserved for diving enthusiasts. The surrounding reefs are home to ageless turtles that glide through the deep waters and nest on the deserted outer shores of the islands. Migrating whales of colossal mass and presence, curious dolphins and the elusive and endangered dugong romp these warm, inviting waters. Alongside a wide variety of reef species, a large population of spear-bill marlin, steel grey sailfish and tuna thrives on these reefs.

&Beyond Benguerra Island has a fully equipped Dive Centre, offering a full range of diving adventures that suit the preferences of every guest. Based on guests’ diving experiences and specific interests, instructors will select the most appropriate dive, each of them sure to satisfy and enthral. Proficient divers can accompany the Dive Master into the depths of the Bazaruto Archipelago, awash with the secrets of the Indian Ocean and its aquatic residents, whilst novice divers, under the guidance of Dive Instructors will be introduced to a whole new world of mystery, wonder and beauty.

There are a number of choice dive sites available to willing guests, such as the main dive site at Two Mile Reef, saturated with iridescent fish that glow in the clear, warm waters. Trips to 5 Mile Reef, 9 Mile Reef, San Sebastian, and Margaruque Island can also be arranged with Dive Instructors.

Exciting scuba diving adventures are available any time of the day and are not tide dependant. Expert guides can provide lessons in the pool and equipment, as well as guide you to the best diving spots. We do recommend refresher courses to those who have dived before, and are eager to explore the depths of this aquamarine paradise, immersed in the clearest Indian Ocean waters.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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