Bazaruto Island expedition

Discover the picture perfect landscapes of the unspoilt island

The essence of anĀ Island expedition

Island expeditions are fully tailored and customised to accommodate your personal interests and preferences. Explore the azure lakes and creamy sand dunes on the northern side of the island, stroll among the pews of the resident church, and interact with the native Mozambican people in their vibrant thatch and straw village.

Climb atop golden sand dunes, and quaff cocktails as the sun is pulled to the other side of the world and the skies transform from bright peach to inky black. Relish a delicious dip in the ocean and as you crash against the waves, marvel at the towering Casuarina trees plunging into the shore. Cast your eye to the leafy branches and spot an Osprey, this specialist fish eater is a common sight, soaring over shorelines, patrolling waterways, and standing on their huge stick nests, white heads gleaming. Venture to the north western part of the island, to seek out Green Malkoha and sightings of the shy Suni antelope. Indulge in fresh, scrumptious fruit and vegetables from local farmers.

A fascinating excursion to the community centre, Centro Cumunitario Kanhe Kwedo reveals a wonderful community initiative where women delve into their entrepreneurial creative spirt and create beautiful beaded items, and men practice conservation initiatives.

Each drive is accompanied by a local guide with extensive knowledge of the island, its rich history and animated fauna and flora. Guides are dedicated to ensuring you are treated to an authentic local experience, teeming with culture and African flavour. Benguerra Island is awash with soaring sand dunes that shimmer under the golden sun, illuminating freshwater lakes that rival the azure ocean with their deep blue hues and inquisitive crocodiles. Marvel at the colourful vegetation peppered throughout the island, picture perfect in its lustrous presence and inhabited with the silhouettes of tiny rainbow-like birds and candy-floss flamingos. Stroll across the infinite stretch of unspoilt shore, in clear view of the vast ocean and admire the streaks of pink and amber in the sky before savouring a delectable picnic spread, served al fresco on unblemished, satiny sand.

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