Horseback safari

Gallop across the sands and forests of Benguerra Island

The essence of a Horseback safari

Horseback riding is a picture-perfect activity on which to take in the exceptional and unparalleled beauty of Benguerra Island. See the island through the eyes of a mighty steed, revelling in this exceptional perspective of this piece of paradise, at a pace that is comfortable and relaxing for every guest, depending on your varying ranges of skill. Join a troupe of nine keen horses and a dedicated guide, based at Benguerra Island, as you traverse the lush island, riding over whimsical trails and marked pathways.

Guides are well acquainted with the horses’ temperaments and are filled with knowledge about the island and its lustrous flora and fauna. They are more than willing to accommodate the whims of each rider and willingly allow advanced riders the freedom of galloping across the silken, alabaster sands, while those with less experience can delight in a more languid stroll. As routes are not fixed, guides can tailor make rides to accommodate your preferences, endeavouring to highlight the treasures of the area, some obvious and others better well kept, seamlessly incorporating miles of open beach, a dash of the lush inland bush and a tempting glimpse into the everyday happenings of local life on a paradise island. Rides often travel toward the northern end of the island, taking in the rolling waves of the deep Indian Ocean and the vast vistas of neighbouring Bazaruto Island.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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