Dhow cruise to Bazaruto Island

Sail across calm waters under the glow of the setting African sun

The essence of a Dhow cruise

Hop aboard a traditional dhow, a wooden vessel with a triangular sail, used for fishing by the island’s locals. A welcoming local skipper will collect you from your casita or cabana in the late afternoon, embarking on an unforgettable cruise around the azure bay. The sailing adventure presents the Island and its surrounding waters in a unique light, from the perspective of one of the island’s fishermen, and thus offers excellent photographic opportunities of the wide horizon, the calm waters and the glowing horizon.

Watch the sun set over the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago as you drift along the calm water, guided by ocean breezes. Witness the cerulean sky rapidly change colour, embracing hues of rose and violet spread over an amber canvas. Marvel at the illuminated water, dancing with gold shimmers, as it welcomes the sun’s descent beneath the distant horizon. The scene plays out beautifully and the ocean swallows the golden orb into its infinite depths. Travel back to the shore, accompanied by the quiet swoosh of the dhow’s sail, lost in the kaleidoscope of an African sunset.

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