Chitwan National Park Nepal

Set off in search of the king of the jungle

Jeep safari

The essence of a jeep safari

An exhilarating experience is wildlife spotting, and viewing on a jeep safari. Arm yourself with a camera and prepare to be utterly gobsmacked at the magnificent sightings. Covering a massive 932km2, a jeep safari is the best way to traverse the park, in an attempt to spot the elusively rare Bengal Tiger. Jeep excursions are a wonderful way to really get to grips with the bush experience, and witness first-hand a world that is ruled tigers, and how each animal grasps their own niche in the vast food chain. However, it is not only are photogenic animals on display, but the flourishing, verdant surroundings and colourful, lush flora.

Surrendering yourself to the natural elements, riding in an open top jeep through a dense forest of jungle, you quickly realise that this terrain belongs to the beasts, and you are merely a temporary visitor. Keep your eyes open, and attune your ears to slight rumblings and rustlings, and be aware of ever so fast flashes of swishing tails. Leopards love to lounge high up in leafy, gnarled trees.

Your foray into the park takes you down knobbly, jutted trails with an abundance of wildlife hiding behind trees, slinking across the ground, lolling in a ravine, or doing a magnificent job at playing camouflage. Home to at least 43 species of mammals, the “King of the Jungle” here is the Bengal Tiger. Leopards are most active on the peripheries of the park, and even though they co-exist with tigers, being socially subordinate they are not common in prime tiger habitat.

Should luck not be on your side in finding the rare Bengal Tiger or leopard, your chances are higher of seeing the magnificent and iconic Asiatic rhino, currently on the brink of extinction.

Enveloping a large area, your early morning and late afternoon Jeep safari will be accompanied by a trained naturalist who will help you spot wildlife and informatively explain whatever you come across. He will also be constantly checking the ground for any fresh animal tracks that may have passed by recently.

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