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The essence of the safari game drive

Games drives through Pench National Park are an intimate experience, thanks to the limited amount of vehicles that is allowed onto its vast grounds. Tours are led by experienced and trained guides who tailor excursions to suit the preferences of every guest, whether it’s to view a certain animal, learn about the mannerisms of different species and their habitats or simply to enjoy the vast expanse of forest land and the panoramic surroundings. Guides are always eager and willing to impart their vast knowledge and expertise to interested travellers. Discover the raw, untamed landscape of India, with its rippling hills, grassland meadows, open yellow fields and dense forests. The River Pench is the park’s lifeline, splitting the landscape in two. Comb through the lush greenery in search of the park’s four-legged residents, hidden in the lush vegetation, comprising mainly of Southern Indian tropical, moist forest and tropical dry, deciduous teak. The Park is home to the elusive and mystic striped Bengal tiger. This master predator dominates the land, languidly sauntering through the tall grass and napping in the shade of the low-hanging forest.

Even the slightest glimpse of its impressive, stealthy form is a rewarding sight. Marvel at the copper coat of the tiger as it seeks refuge from the harsh sun and cools off in the river, playfully splashing in the waters. Encounter the other predators that roam the park, including the wily jackal, striped hyena, Indian wolf, hardy leopard and red dhole. Listen carefully to the sounds of the Indian jungle as the elegant spotted chital deer alerts its kin to the presence of any predator that stalks through the tall grass. Watch the antics of the colones of langurs, which chatter in the trees, and listen to the chirps of the park’s 220 avian species. The enigmatic jungle, with its many noises, is sure to entrance, mystify and delight.

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