Lions in Zambezi National Park

Explore the thriving Zambezi National Park in search of wildlife Safari game drive

The essence of the experience

With its beautiful setting and ample wildlife, Zambezi National Park offers the most exclusive game viewing experience in Victoria Falls. Twice a day, you can enjoy the opportunity to set off in search of wildlife in an open-air safari vehicle. Traverse the magnificent, varied landscapes and marvel at vast herds of elephant and buffalo, as well as the elegant and majestic sable antelope and a variety of predators.

Early morning game drives begin as the sun peeps over the horizon and the dark of the night fades slowly into grey. Inhale the fragrance of the morning dew as you set off into the cool dawn, alert for signs as the inhabitants of the bush begin to stir. Watch as a herd of buffalo begins to stirs, hundreds of animals heading to the nearest waterhole amidst a chorus of grunts, hooves scuffing the dust. As the sun rises higher in the sky, the sheen of a glossy mahogany hide betrays the presence of the rare sable antelope, with its elegant, sweeping horns.

In the late afternoon, catch a herd of elephant as they head down to the waters to bathe the dust of the day off their flanks. Sit quietly and watch a lion pride stir and stretch as they prepare for the night’s hunt. Stop for sundowners as the last rays of the sun colour the sky in shades of orange and purple. Keep an ear open for the distant yipping of hyenas, trying to gauge direction and distance as you prepare to follow by the glow of the tracker’s spotlight after dark.