Nature Walk In Hwange National Park Zimbabwe
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Walk through the phenomenal Hwange National Park bushlands

Walking safari

The essence of a Walking safari

Experience Zimbabwe as the first explorers did, on foot and in awe of its untouched nature and allure. Walks through the Hwange National Park are allowed in private concessions and are and experience that is both awe-inspiring and humbling, as you tread along the very paths animals roam free on and observe their intimate lives from a careful distance. It is the perfect experience to allow you to appreciate the natural environment. The slow pace of the walk and the interpretive skills of the safari guides open your eyes to a new and fascinating world. The unique perspective garnered during a walk awakens a sense of fulfilment and sensory appreciation. The walk through the park leaves you feeling connected and at one with the earth, encouraging you to relax, unwind and connect with nature.

The walking safari begins with a fireside coffee and delicious muffins before heading off on foot to explore some of nearly 2 500 hectares (6 200 acres) of pristine African bush. Walkers will be instructed on the identification of various tracks, as well as on the smaller wildlife and plants that live in the park and that are often missed during a game drive. End the tour with a newfound appreciation of the bush, having explored the breath-taking landscape beneath the warm African sun.

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