Hot air balloon over Tarangire

Soar the skies above Tarangire in a wonderful and colourful hot air balloon

The essence of a hot air balloon safari

Rise before the sun and prepare to take off on an exciting hot air balloon flight in the early light of dawn.
Ascend to the heavens as the sun rises, painting the dim sky with bright orange and blue hues, as you glide over the amazing landscape.

Delight in a scenic flight in the comfort of a massive, weaved basket, securely attached to a billowing, colour lined balloon. Float across the open African sky, past plump clouds and above green bushlands.

Pass over the Tarangire River, surrounded by granitic rock, dense swamps, and the deep river valley, all within Tarangire National Park. The Park stretches across a vast area of 2 850 square kilometres (1 100 square miles).

Gaze down in amazement at the crests of ancient, millennial old baobab trees with deep roots and branches that tower up to 30 metres high. Marvel at the sheer number of elephant herds, still immense from above. Lucky guests can even spot the elusive leopard on the hunt, in the grey twilight, before the sun fully rises.

After landing, end your hour-long adventure with a delightful and rustic bush breakfast served in the heart of Tarangire national park.

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