Lake Victoria full day excursion

Discover the wonders of Lake Victoria in the Serengeti National Park

The essence of a Lake Victoria full day excursion

Offering a gloriously diverse range of exciting things to do, you have a full day, at your leisure, to engage with thrilling wildlife, embark on an exciting fishing safari in a traditional canoe, and catch your own scrumptious giant Nile perch for dinner, or simply stroll along the lakeshore marvelling at the beautiful expanse.

A wonderful excursion as one of your cherry picked options is to learn about the work of the Africa Foundation at Lukungu Primary School. Built from scratch, this fully fledged school was proclaimed a special needs school for the region, and this decision was supported by the state-of-the-art facilities.
Indulge your curiosity and pay a visit to the traditional doctor, integrate into the daily rhythm of local life as villagers perform a colourful local dance or simply absorb the lush landscapes. Bustling villages dot the shores of Lake Victoria, and the daily activities include fishing and trading in Nile Perch and Tilapia.

Add the forests of idyllic Rubondo Island National Park, deep in the lake’s southwest reaches, for a perfect safari experience. Tranquil boating excursions on a canoe or dhow, offer stunning views of land and water animals. A beautiful place for avid bird watchers, gawk at magnificent fish eagles soaring above the pristine water in search of prey. If you are feeling intrepid, venture out into the forest on a guided walk or hike.

Vibrant and verdant, the islands of Lake Victoria boast azure shores rimmed with deliciously fragrant banana groves and secluded fishing villages. Nestled on this serene and tranquil water haven all you need to do is relax, swim, do a spot of bird-watching or fishing and walk through lush hillside vegetation or along the lake shore.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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