Specialist star photography lesson at Kirkman's Kamp

Stop the stars in the night sky

Specialist star photography lesson

The essence of a Specialist star photography lesson

Pick up some hot new skills for capturing your holiday memories on film. Book a photography lesson with specialist guide Andrew Schoeman and choose to either upgrade your general photography skills or learn how to shoot the night sky.

Regardless of your level of skill, Andrew will utilise his extensive experience to help you to increase your chances of getting your holiday shot of a lifetime. He is well versed in the use of the most popular camera equipment, including both Canon and Nikon. Lessons begin with a basic understand of how a camera works and move on to information about different shooting modes and focus types. Andrew will discuss aperture and depth of field, as well as ISO and when it is important to change this. Other details tackled include the exposure triangle and understand of exposure compensation and when to use it. Lastly, Andrew will talk about different metering modes and how the camera exposes the image. Each step will be illustrated with practical examples that will quickly and easily demonstrate how you can instantly improve your photography.

A more specialised night sky photography session can be arranged at a secluded spot in the bush, carefully selected to offer minimal light pollution. The session begins with the correct way to set up the camera for this specialised photography session. Andrew will ensure that you are comfortable using your camera’s manual mode, as well as using and understand long exposure. Some dead trees or other interesting background features will help you to understand how to set up a composition at night and Andrew will also show you how to focus your lens correctly. You will learn how to photograph the stars themselves, as well as how to create the effect of star trails. The session will end some creative shooting as you learn how to paint with light.

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