Underground photographic hide

Snap away while hidden at a watering hole on Madikwe

The essence of a underground photographic hide

This underground terrapin hide affords keen photographers the unprecedented opportunity to capture incomparable images of Madikwe’s wildlife.

The underground hide is the perfect hiding place. Positioned at the centre of a commonly used watering hole, the hide leaves wildlife blissfully unaware and relaxed. It is accessible 24 hours a day through an underwater tunnel and is fully equipped with specialised photography equipment.

Customised Gimpo arms and pano heads ensure that your camera is ideally positioned and steady, regardless of whether you are looking for the ideal animal close-up or trying to get the perfect landscape shot.

This submerged water level aquatic hide is an unplugged, immersive and all-encompassing wildlife experience. Spend hours here, at this social gathering space, with or without a camera, and delight in the stunning array of animals and birdlife that drink from this lush spot. Marvel at gigantic elephants, so close you can see the bristly hairs on their trunks, the retractable claws of stealthy leopards, and motley wildebeest drinking and cooling off in the watering hole.

Shimmering sparkly dragonflies hover across the mirrored water and magnificent giant kingfishers dart across the skies seeking out glimmers of silver. Solitary and secretive Green Back Herons stand motionless waiting for the perfect moment to strike and snatch their fish.

Immerse yourself in your surroundings and relish the priceless images that you will be privy to from this terrific Terrapin Hide, a voyeur to the daily rituals of the wild things.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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