Safari game drive on Madikwe

Meet the Super Seven

The essence of the safari game drive

Game drives offered at Madikwe are exclusive, as day visitors cannot gain entry and only lodge vehicles are allowed in the area. This creates a unique and private experience for Madikwe guests in which to savour the isolated reserve, its resident wildlife and the wonder of the unique setting. The drives offer a multitude of sightings, which include chances to spot the Big Five, as well as the Super Seven (the Big Five, as well as the elusive cheetah and the rare wild dog, which is frequently encountered in the area). Expert naturalist guides will entertain you with countless tales of wildlife exploits, as well as lectures on the region and the behaviour patterns of the wildlife.

As the suns golden rays kiss the earth, and the world of the wild things breathes life into the new day, marvel at the stunning sightings on your game drive at dawn. Early morning and twilight drives are ideal to get the best views of the wild. Cast your eyes above and glimpse kaleidoscopic flutterings of the myriad birds that paint the sky with magnificent colours.

As spectacular as it is to see the massive mammals that roam over the terrain and dot the landscape creating a magnificent wildlife tapestry, you will also be introduced to the little things that add to the intricate details of the vast safari artwork. Camouflaged chameleons hide in leafy trees, and dung beetles stand atop of their dung world, navigating their way around. It is said that one species of African dung beetle, Scarabaeus satyrus, uses the Milky Way as a guide to steering its dung ball home.

Magnificent rugged terrain, prolific wildlife, bold vivid colours, this reserve is a Photographer’s Dream.

Make sure you have your camera ready for stunning snaps of rumpled grey elephants frolicking at trembling waterholes, and the fashionably long eyelashes of the illusory leopard peeping from behind lush foliage, ogling the buffet on offer.

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