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Pangolin Conservation Experience

Pangolins are the most trafficked mammal on the planet. Participate in our one-of-its-kind Pangolin conservation experience, and support us in this groundbreaking initiative to re-establish Temminck’s ground pangolin in a region where they have gone locally extinct.

Your Pangolin conservation experience

Intensive monitoring, using VHF and GSM/UHF tracking tags, is a core element of this project. Travel with our specialist conservation team as they locate the animal, replace the GSM/UHF tag, do general health checks, and gather crucial data. You’ll be with them as they locate the pangolin and set about the replacement of the tag. During this procedure, the team will also conduct a general health check, take body measurements and gather other research data: a precious opportunity for you to observe the unique features and adaptations of the pangolin at a close distance. The pangolin will then be released, and, provided it is relaxed with our presence, you’ll be able to follow it, and observe its behaviour and feeding. Your experience will take place in the afternoon or evening in winter, or at night in summer.

*Please note that pre-booking is essential, as these experiences will only be scheduled to coincide with the required periodic replacement of the monitoring tags.

This path-finding project, in partnership with the African Pangolin Working Group,  is not only the first of its kind for pangolin worldwide, but is also key to the long-term survival of the species.

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