Maputaland beach trip

Soak up the sun on miles of sandy coastline

The essence of a Maputaland beach trip

The vast sandy beaches of the Maputaland coastline provide a beautiful setting for this half-day beach outing to beautiful Sodwana Bay. There is ample time for you to soak up the warm African sun and splash in the clear, temperate waters of the Indian Ocean, bordered by miles and miles of sandy beaches. The diverse area is stippled with rugged foothills, flanked by dense dune vegetation and the azure hues of the tropical Indian Ocean.

Marvel at the ever-changing forms of the golden sand dunes, constantly shifted by the winds and tides. Interspersed between the shimmering, gilded sands jut craggy mounds teeming with a dense accumulations of rich minerals and ruddy sediments.  Relax with a good book, play fun filled beach games and take leisurely walks along the pristine shoreline, which blends effortlessly with the animated ocean, awash with the sound of the waves and the cries of various sea birds. At low tide you can snorkel  alongside Jesser Point, a protected marine reserve, and marvel at an endless abundance of diverse and colourful marine life. Jesser Point features a rock-strewn point at the south corner of the bay, perfect for fishing off the rocks at low ride and from the safety of the bay at high tide.

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