Leopard in the Eastern Cape

Immortalise the allure of the African bush

Photographic safari

The essence of the experience

Traipse through the African bush alongside Agfa Wildlife Photography Award winners. The two-day Pro Photo Safari package at Shamwari Game Reserve is led by Iky’s Photographic, which collectively boasts over 30 years of experience in guides, tours and photography. Iky and Mike will guide travellers through the enigmatic and lush African bush, helping them to frame the perfect images of all its wonders and cementing lasting memories.

Awaken early to take full advantage of exquisite lighting as the sun peeps from beneath the horizon gently casting its golden rays over the earth. Departing at around 05h00 for the first photo safari drive of the day these first honeyed bright hours are the best, and most often present sensational sights.

Shamwari Game Reserve prides itself on the extraordinary diversity and the endless photographic opportunities. Sweeping plains teeming with wildlife encourage you to seek out  seek out skittish impala pronking, laughing spotted hyenas playing tag, noble lions lounging under leafy trees and handsome cheetah striding sleekly to a waterhole. Offering an abundance of magnificent sights to photograph, from the minutia of the dung beetles standing atop their mounds of dung to steer, to the dense lush foliage harbouring swishing tails and leopards reclining in shady trees, to the vast panoramic plains that reveal the beauty of Africa this is a picture snapping utopia. As the golden orange light illuminates the world of the wild things a magical glow settles and the reserve is presented in all its glory.

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