Sandbank picnic

Delight in a seafood picnic on a deserted sandbank off the coast of Unguja

Prison Island dhow cruise and buffet lunch

The essence of the prison Island dhow cruise and buffet lunch

Climb aboard a traditionally crafted dhow and sail away to one of the many deserted sandbanks around the island of Unguja. Unguja is the main and most populated island of the Zanzibar archipelago.

Once there, swim and snorkel in warm, crystal clear waters. After a leisurely swim, unwind on the beach at beautifully set tables, with a delicious seafood picnic. Savour lovely food especially prepared using traditional and local recipes. Breathe in the aromatic spices and savoury herbs that perfume the picnic area.

After lunch, relax and listen to the crew tell thrilling tales of fabled and real sailors, as well as recount first-hand stories of their own adventures across the seven seas. Satisfied with lovely fare and inspired by exciting accounts, sail next to Prison Island, a mere 5.6 kilometres (3.5 miles) north-west of Unguja Island.

Prison Island, officially known as Changuu Island was used as a coral mine and prison for rebellious slaves a century and a half ago. Explore the prison ruins, its domed tower, and the tortoise sanctuary, resident to giant and ancient tortoises, before returning to Stone Town.

Don’t forget your swimsuit, towel,  sunscreen, and a waterproof bag for your valuables

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