Windhoek City tour

Stroll along the historical streets of Windhoek

The essence of a City tour

Set off on a comprehensive city tour of the capital and largest city of Namibia, Windhoek. Situated in the central highlands of Namibia, the lively metropolis serves as the head of the country’s enterprise, administration, education and cultural bodies. The city is an eclectic blend of modern-day animation and colonial accents, interspersed with breath-taking sights and natural attractions.

You will be collected from your hotel for a three-hour journey that begins at the birthplace of Windhoek before heading off to explore the diverse historical influences that created the city. Next, head off to the residential area and township of Katatura, awash with rich history and newfound growth. Established in 1961, following the forced removal of Windhoek’s black population from the Old Location, evicted residents nicknamed the new area Katatura, literally translating to ‘the place where people do not want to live.’ Today, Katatura stands as the vibrant melting-pot of Windhoek’s culture and charisma.

Witness the many illustrations of Namibia’s traditions and influences scattered across the city before visiting various open markets to savour rich Namibian delicacies that combine a decided continental slant with the flavours of Africa. Browse charming stalls teeming with native arts and crafts before heading off to the Penduka Development Project. This non-governmental organisation works exclusively with women, specifically those from disadvantaged backgrounds who are the primary breadwinners for their families. The program encourages and supports these women to take initiative by creating and providing vocations that will sustain and develop, as well as overcome the mind set of patriarchal dominance. The women of Penduka not only cater for the day to day management of the organisation, but weave and create stunning ornamental and decorative pieces. All proceeds are used to fund further projects and finance educational and health initiatives designed to support women throughout the country.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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