Sandwich Harbour tour

Trek across sandy plains to a sheltered lagoon near Walvis Bay

The essence of the Sandwich Harbour tour

Discover the magic and beauty of Sandwich Harbour, situated near Walvis Bay, during a thrilling 6.5 hour tour. Marvel at the gold shimmers of the colossal sand dunes, which run straight and uninterrupted to the shores of the cerulean ocean. Spot the fringe of jade and sepia-hued vegetation that thrives in the seemingly hostile environment, elegantly stippled throughout the vast sand dunes.

Begin your adventure in Walvis Bay, basking in the warm breeze and under the morning sun. Explore the shores of the Bay’s deep blue lagoon, admiring its resident flocks of candy floss coloured, long-legged flamingos and the hefty-mouthed pelicans, silhouetted by the winged frames of smaller aquatic birds. Depart the city and drive south across the velvet sand dunes to the oasis of the Kuiseb River delta, a dry river bed and ephemeral river, bordered with immense desert sands and harsh, barren rock and inhabited by sporadic wildlife, including the fleet-footed springbok. Travel through soaring sand dunes to Sandwich Harbour Lagoon, an extraordinary wetland created by fresh water that seeps through from an underground aquifer. If the weather and tides permit, drive right up to the lagoon, attempting the last few kilometres on foot. Along the way, stop to admire the views from one of a multitude of lookout spots and savour a delicious picnic lunch, served high atop a lush dune looking out onto the azure, chilly Atlantic Ocean below. Sample famous Namibian oysters, as well as a selection of appetisers, fresh salads, wholesome breads and sweet fruit, perfectly paired with sparkling wines.

End the tour by returning to Walvis Bay via the massive hills and changing massifs of the soaring sand dunes, ascending to the 65-metre (213 foot) peak of the Roaring Dune, dominating the surrounding landscape of golden powder, clear sky and cerulean ocean.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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