Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Quad biking

Glide across the smooth, golden sands of vast desert landscapes

Quad bike excursion

The essence of the Quad bike excursion

Set out on a quad bike adventure trail through the Namib dunes, gliding across the smooth, silken texture of the tawny desert sand, in sharp contrast to the bright, cerulean sky above and the rugged russet Namib escarpment in the distance. Led by an experienced and expert guide, enjoy the solitude and majesty of the sunlit desert as the trail winds over the downy dunes, ever-changing sand hills, and rocky outcrops. Stop for a languid stroll over the beautifully velvety sand as you enjoy the vast vista below, spotted with the soft shadows created as clouds chase each other in the skies above. Reflect on the information learned from skilled guides, who perfectly unravel the unspoiled beauty of the landscape, the secrets of the desert and its wondrous fauna and flora inhabitants, as well as the enchanting folklore attached to these deep plains.

Discover the mystical fairly circles dotted around the desert, which consist of circular patches of barren land, encircled by rings of grass. The native Bushmen that have roamed the Namib Desert for centuries have traditionally ascribed spiritual and magical powers to these circles. The earlier natives believed the circles were the footprints of gods or formations made by underground dragons, whose acid breath killed the surrounding vegetation and any life source that come into contact with it. Later generations of the Himba people used the fairy circles in their agriculture, as the circles support grasses in barren lands, providing grazing arenas for cattle.

As the day winds to a close, head further up the gold-lined foothills and stop to enjoy a chilled sundowner overlooking the Namib Desert, as a dazzle of stars slowly comes to full, blazing life amid a velvety night sky that envelops the quiet and serene desert.

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