Caleb Shepard Sossusvlei Balloon Safari

Float above the satin sands of the Namib Desert

Hot air balloon safari

The essence of a hot air balloon safari

Hot air balloon adventures in Sossusvlei promise a most memorable and truly romantic way to experience Namibia’s brilliant vista. This soul-satisfying journey offers excellent photographic opportunities and lifelong memories.

Awaken before dawn and set out in the early morning moonlight to a designated launch site, where you can watch excitedly as the balloons are brought to life. Giant, hot bursts of flame slowly inflate the brightly coloured nylon, strung to robust baskets that rest on their side. As the sun’s first rays peek over the scarlet sand dunes, the hot air balloon drifts slowly upward, revealing the undulating landscapes of Sossusvlei.

This sensory experience will let you see the world from a true bird’s-eye view as you sniff the cool, fresh air, feel the wind caress your hair, touch the warm pockets of air created by gusts of flame overhead and taste the champagne victory upon landing, a longstanding tradition among balloon pilots. As you float amongst the clouds, the sun rises dramatically over the horizon, throwing hues of gold and rose across the vast sky. Marvel at the wide expanse of sand dunes that seemingly never end.

Watch as mighty herds of gemsbok shrink in size below you and spot the enigmatic fairy circles, which stand out as indented circular patches devoid of vegetation and are an intriguing phenomenon of the Namib Desert. These mysterious rings have been the subject of many theories that include, dragons, gods, and UFOs.

The balloon soars at varying heights and gradually rotates with the morning breeze, constantly giving you a new perspective of the desert. Many animals gaze up at the neon ball in surprise and curiosity as it passes overhead. The seasoned pilot will eventually select the perfect landing spot, just in time for a grand celebratory bubbly breakfast, where you can recap the morning’s bucket list moment as you savour a delicious morning meal.

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