Desert Drive

Appreciate the incredible contrasts of the Sossusvlei Desert

The essence of a Desert Drive

The lodge is ideally situated within the &Beyond Sossusvlei Private Desert Reserve, which boasts numerous distinct habitats and microhabitats, as well as a backdrop of awe-inspiriting vistas, plains, and bushland. This reserve lies east of and adjacent to the gigantic Namib-Naukluft National Park and within the so-called pro-Namib, an ecotone region sandwiched between the endless dune fields of the Namib Desert and the jagged mountain ranges of the Namibian escarpment.

Be mesmerised by the magnificence of the desert and the way the light illuminated the dunes on morning or late afternoon desert drives that continue after nightfall. Explore four different habitat types and ecosystems. Learn about fairy circles and how deserts are formed and function, and how animals have adapted to this desolate environment. Traverse rocky mountains, dunes, vast sand and gravel plains, tapping into the fascinating and ancient formations that shape this landscape.  This experience allows you to traverse the desert and truly appreciate the vast expanse. As the sun sets over the horizon, toast to a wonderful day spent in the desert with a well-deserved sundowner, and drink in the sight of towering red dunes, infinite space and sublime stillness.

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