Scenic Skeleton Coast safari

Lose yourself among starkly beautiful landscapes

The essence of a Scenic Skeleton Coast safari

Discover the wonders of Namibia’s famed Skeleton Coast on a scenic safari that combine small aircraft flights and land excursions. Choose to explore some of the largest dunes in the world at Sossusvlei, where an endless sea of sand rises and falls. From here, there is the option of flying to the ghost town of Lüdertiz, situated near the mysterious Sperrgebiet, or restricted diamond mining area, where you can marvel at the historical traces of German pioneer miners.

Or opt to travel directly to the north, enjoying a scenic flight over Namibia’s awe-inspiring landscapes, including the rugged Kuiseb Canyon and the surrounding red dunes, as well as the famous Edward Bohlen shipwreck at Conception Bay. Fly over the seal colony at Cape Cross before turning inland to soar over the lunar landscapes of the Ugab formations, black rocky ridges that rise from the chalky desert floor. Land in the Huab River Valley, where you can visit ancient rock engravings and explore the red lava and yellow sandstone landmarks.

Take to the skies again and fly along the coast to Terrace Bay, gazing in awe at the Skeleton Coast’s famous shipwrecks spread out below. Land on a beach of multi-coloured pebbles and examine bleached whale bones washed up above the high tide mark as you head inland to spend the night in the Hoarusib Valley. Visit a settlement of the nomadic Himba people and traverse the landscape searching for desert-adapted elephant.

Back in the air, travel as far as the Kunene River, set on the Angolan border. Explore the river as it winds through the scenic Hartmann Valley, keeping an eye out for crocodiles, as well as a variety of water bird species. Return to Windhoek from here or choose to traverse the Etosha National Park in search of magnificent wildlife encountered against the spectacular setting of the dry desert pans.


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