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Set foot in the Rift Valley Walking or hiking excursion

The essence of the Walking or hiking excursion

Whether it’s a gentle walk or a challenging hike, the landscapes of the Rift Valley offer fantastic opportunities to explore, discover and marvel.

Depending on your fitness and adventure levels, your expert guide will help you navigate through the region’s exceptional habitats on an interpretive walk. Venture to the Hell’s Gate National Park, renowned for its bellowing plumes of geothermal steam and its awe-inspiring, diverse landscape (think towering cliffs, gorges, and open plains). Avid hikers can test their skills by climbing to the rim of Mount Longonot, an extinct volcano.

Mount Longonot is thought to have last erupted in the 1860s and its name is taken from the Maasai word Oloonong’ot, meaning “mountains of many spurs” or “steep ridges”. This is an incredibly challenging yet very rewarding hike that takes about 4-5 hours. Take along a delicious picnic lunch to savour once you have reached the rim.

Hells Gate takes about 3-6 hours and is set in a magnificent area of the Great Rift Valley. Cliffs standing tall like fortresses, water gouged abyss and striking rock towers, this is one of the most stunningly atmospheric parks in Africa. Explore the incredible bio-diversity that includes raptors, embark on an intrepid mountain biking or rock climbing excursion, or luxuriate in a natural spa.