City Tour

Explore this dynamic cosmopolitan city, Kenya’s beating heart

The essence of the City Tour

Nairobi offers an abundance of exciting, diverse experiences which will enable you to get a feel for one of Africa’s growing and dynamic cities. We will happily assist you in putting together an ideal itinerary for you to explore and discover this lively city. Here are a couple of examples of experiences to include:

Enjoy extraordinary conservation initiatives – Daphne Sheldrick and Giraffe Center, gain insights into some of the interesting and creative social businesses, and watch creative crafting at Kizuri beads and Anselm Kitengela hot glass. Enjoy a couple of Nairobi’s restaurants, or go shopping in the colourful markets, or to some of the better known designers and art studios.

Head to the magical Anselm Kitengela Hot Glass, where you can view glassblowers at work and purchase items from the studio.

Stroll through Utumaduni, a converted house that boasts around 15 arts and crafts stores, or the Souk, which houses an eclectic collection of paintings, leatherwork and photographic pieces. The Matbonze Wildlife Art Gallery is a must-see, and is home to the first bronze foundry in East Africa. Be sure to explore the Marula Studios (known as the Flip-flop Shop), a recycle hub where discarded flip-flops are transformed into original works of art. This is an incredibly colourful entrepreneurial space.

For some truly scrumptious, fresh seafood enjoy a sublime lunch at the famous Tamarind restaurant. Relish the catch of the day, and feast on tasty prawns, delicious crabs and delectable lobsters. After your delicious meal you can explore the Karen Blixen Museum, the farm that the Danish author of the famed memoir Out of Africa lived on from 1917 to 1931. Much of the 1985 Oscar-winning movie adaptation was shot on the grounds. A tour of the house is an intimate and beautiful experience. For a rendezvous with elegant giraffe, the fascinating Giraffe Centre offers the opportunity to feed these gentle giants and explore a nearby forest trail. A heart-warming visit to the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Centre is a delightful outing. Here you can witness the heroic efforts of the dedicated team who rehabilitate orphaned elephant calves and other vulnerable animals. This extraordinary place plays a pivotal role in protecting the wilderness and offers a cherished experience, as well as the opportunity to adopt an orphaned elephant. After an adventure-filled day, unwind at one of Nairobi’s vibrant eateries. We recommend the Carnivore or Haandi, followed by a refreshing nightcap at Tamambo (do try a Dawa, Kenya’s iconic cocktail of vodka, fresh lime and honey).

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