Brown’s Cheese Factory, Farm tour and lunch

Sample Nairobi’s finest cheese

The essence of Brown’s Cheese Factory, Farm tour and lunch

Delve into the fantastic array of delectable cheeses at the Brown’s Cheese Factory and Farm. Situated amidst the beautiful tea plantations of Tigoni, the farm runs purely on biodynamic and organic principles.

Here, lovers of cheese can sample up to eight varieties, as well as some seasonal cheeses, and can enjoy a tour of the farm’s factory to gain insight into the cheese-making process. Afterwards, you can tuck into a mouth-watering three-course lunch made with home-grown ingredients.

Offering high quality artisan cheeses, made from pasteurized cow’s milk and using vegetarian rennet Brown’s products are ripened naturally and no chemicals, colouring or coatings are used. Milk for the cheese is collected from over 3 000 local co-operative farmers. While waiting for your delicious lunch, you can stroll through the beautiful vegetable garden where produce for the decadent meal is grown.

After your scrumptious meal, head off to the cheese shop and fill your basket with enticing eats including mascarpone, blue cheese, feta, ricotta, cheese dips and chutneys so you can make your own delicious ploughman’s platter.

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