Community visit to the Tharaka Tribe

Get to know the local people around Meru National Park

The essence of the Community visit to the Tharaka Tribe

The Ameru people, who inhabit the Meru region, are traditionally farmers and agriculturalists, who depend mainly on the subsistence farming of crops such as maize, beans, sorghum, millet, cabbage and fruits. Visit the Tharaka tribe, one of the Ameru clans living close to Meru National Park, for a glimpse into this way of life. You will be invited into their distinctive round houses, with their conical thatched roofs, where you will meet women dressed in distinctive leather skirts and long aprons decorated with cowrie shells and men clothed in animal skin cloaks and feathered headdresses.

The origins of the Tharaka are uncertain, but at one time they lived within the confines of the isolated Tana Valley, leading to the development of a culture that was not widely influenced by other tribes. The Tharaka people have a very strong sense of belonging and this is important in how they engage in every aspect of their lives. The “Mukuru”, or elder, is the most revered and respected person in the clan and they are the ones that offer advice and settle disputes in the community. This community visit is a fascinating encounter with these local inhabitants to learn about their way of life and explore their rich and ancient cultural traditions.

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