Sundowners in the bush

Toast the spectacular sunset in the Masai Mara National Park

The essence of sundowners in the bush

Enjoy the safari ritual of sundowner drinks in a breathtakingly beautiful location on the famous Oloololo Escarpment, which commands magnificent views over the vast Masai Mara. Sip on an ice cold gin and tonic, a sparkling glass of champagne or your favourite cocktail as the dusk gently deepens around you and the sun sinks slowly over a classical safari landscape. The evening sounds of the African bush will slowly quieten as the plains species seek shelter for the night and the predators begin to prepare for their nocturnal hunts.

Contemplating the silence of the vast sweeping plains, your eye is drawn to a herd of majestic elephants slowly making their way to a glimmering waterhole. The baby elephants play and tangle their trunks with their older siblings. Carving another path, the wildebeest trudge up the escarpment slope to the same liquid haven. Here the little ones stick closely to their mothers. Creating a magnificent wild backdrop, zebras and giraffe amble past each other and quirky warthogs go down on bended knee to forage in scrubby brush. Cast your gazeĀ further back and you may see jackal sneaking ever closer. This is a glorious time to relish the daily ritual of life in the wild as it unfolds naturally before you.

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