hippos Masai Mara

Walk the banks of an African river

Guided river walk

The essence of a guided river walk

Explore the wilderness on foot and get a different perspective on every aspect of the African bush, from its smallest insects and plants to the immense river creatures after which the Hippo Trail is named. Set off from your lodge in the company of an experienced Maasai naturalist, who can predict the behaviour of any wildlife that you meet, interpret ever bird call and introduce you to the natural uses of a multitude of plants, shrubs and trees. The trail dissects a variety of landscapes, from plains to riverine forest, open grasslands and scrubby bush.

Enjoying an intimate experience of the lush forest and its colourful birdlife, listen to the whispers in the bush as some 2 000 colobus monkeys swing in the trees. Immerse yourself in the feel, smell, scenery and textures of wild Africa.

Take note of the smaller creatures, such as dung beetles, chameleons and small gazelles that are the highlights of any walking safari. Gain fascinating insight into these creatures and other animals that might usually go by unnoticed. Contemplate the delicate intricacies of this diverse ecosystem, which is such an essential part of the Masai Mara.

The river walk is also ideal for birding enthusiasts, with over 570 bird species found in the area, making it the ideal place for ornithologists to glimpse a rare bateleur eagle or saddle billed stork.

The hike takes from one to three hours.

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