Visit the Lewa Downs Conservancy

See sustainable community-owned tourism and conservation at its best in Laikipia

The essence of visiting the Lewa Downs Conservancy

A stay in the Laikipia region wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Lewa Downs Conservancy. A UNESCO World Heritage Site recognised for its exceptional community conservation model, the conservancy is a stronghold for the protection of East Africa’s black rhino.

Once a sprawling cattle ranch, Lewa was transformed into a conservation area by landowners working closely with the region’s communities. This tour offers the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of the conservancy’s conservation and community initiatives as well as to visit the area’s pre-historic archaeological sites.

There is an abundance of exciting activities to do at the conservancy, including impressive game drives tat showcase the variety and densities of wildlife. Keen bird watchers can look forward to the sight and sound of close to 350 bird species. Viewing wildlife on foot, accompanied by local armed guides, provides an up close and personal interaction with the wildlife and the flora and fauna. The ability to do a walking safari experience is one of the factors that make Lewa a truly unique safari destination. Sit quietly and watch elephant, impala, waterbuck and many other species come to drink water in the nearby marsh or chose to drive, walk or ride to a secluded area. The mouth-watering local dishes, the roaring bonfire on chilly evenings and the enchanting Maasai dancers are recipe for a memorable evening. Educational tours on the history and day-t-day operations of the area provide a fascinating insight into the running of conservancy.

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