Camel safari in Laikipia

Walk and flycamp with a camel train, or take a camel ride in Laikipia

The essence of a camel safari

Be adventurous and do like the Samburu do; ride a camel through the African wilderness. A fun-filled alternative to the traditional game viewing experience, a camelback safari allows guests to get up-close with plains game such as zebra, giraffe, and ostrich. This activity can be tailor-made to your preferences.

If you really want to don your adventurer’s cap, opt for an overnight camel camp, where you can spend the night in a lightweight tent within the reserve.

Camels can be really friendly and very even tempered, at times! A part of the Northern Kenyan landscape for hundreds of years they are kept as livestock for their milk and meat. An increasingly popular way to probe the Kenyan wilderness is atop these humped ungulates. Ideally suited to this landscape, riding on a camel, with the tinkle of the chiming camel bells, is a once in a life time experience.

Sauntering with camels is a fascinating way to feel that you are part of the bush, so much can be missed on a game vehicle but here you are privy to the teeniest tiniest thing.  The comfortably leisurely pace and the sight, smell and feel of moving through the wild, harmonious and at one with the pulse of nature is extraordinary.

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