Mountain biking in Chyulu

Bike the rugged landscape of the Chyulu Hills

The essence of mountain biking

Keen mountain bikers will not be able to resist the challenge of exploring this rock and hill landscape, ideally placed between Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks.

Guests staying at one of the ranches in the area, most owned by local Maasai communities, will have the opportunity to enjoy one of many mountain biking trails in the area.

Chyulu Hills are awash with volcanic cinder cones and craters, as well as a five century old volcanic peak. The hills are famous for their clear views of Mount Kilimanjaro over the Tanzanian border.

Cycle along the gorgeous Chyulu Hills, covering a 100 kilometre long volcanic field. The area boasts flowing hills and fertile grasslands, and is home to the Leviathan Cave, one of the longest lava tubes in the world.

As you dreamily pass through lush mopane forests and rippling hills, with high peaks of 2 188 metres, encounter plenty plains game dotted throughout the vast hills. Cycle pass oryx, the giraffe gazelle gerenuk, and the region’s most abundant antelope, the Coke’s hartebeest. This particular antelope is the fastest and most enduring runner Kenya.

Race the many birds that fly overhead, following their shadows over long and winding trails.

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