Green turtle nesting adventure

Stick your neck out as you watch the journey from nest to water

Green turtle nesting adventure at &Beyond Mnemba Island

Enjoy the unforgettable experience of watching green turtle hatchlings as they find their way out of their sandy nests and crawl to the ocean.

This excursion begins with guests meeting for sundowners and an introduction to nesting, tag data, weather and the challenging factors hatchlings face. We discuss why &Beyond nurtures these hatchlings and how we help to deter predators, gather data to observe how effective &Beyond Mnemba Island is as a nesting site and how we allow them a more natural start to their journey.

Only one in 1 000 make it to adulthood and it takes roughly 20 years or more before they reach sexual maturity and can start reproducing.

Learn about turtle etiquette, the sensitive ways the turtles are approached, and the conservation aspect: it has taken two decades of dedicated research and monitoring to make this conservation experience possible.

Hatching is a year-round possibility that generally peaks between February and March; however, as hatchings cannot be guaranteed, this experience is not available to pre-book.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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