Safari game drive in Nxai Pans

Discover Africa’s secret migration at Nxai Pan National Park

The essence of the safari game drive

Nxai Pan National Park is situated in North Eastern Botswana and features the fossilised Nxai Pan, which is one of the Makgadikgadi salt flats. The large expanse of land boasts magnificent open bush lands, rife with a plethora of specially adapted wildlife and vegetation.

Guided by trained and experienced guides, game drives through the park thoroughly cover the inviting plains and explore their unique wildlife. Watch as your guide expertly navigates through the grassy plains, dappled with clumps of short umbrella thorn trees en route to the Nxai Pan watering hole. Day trips through the park and its mopane woodlands pass herds of springbok, impala, kudu and, ostrich, while night drives brush by packs of the edgy black-backed jackal, bat-eared fox and, the elusive tawny maned lion. Open 4×4 drives perfectly illustrate the mesmeric appeal and pull of the Nxai Pans. Morning drives provide incredible soft light that maximises photographic opportunities and wildlife sightings, whereas night drives are illuminated by the glowing eyes of the reserve’s nocturnal and often predatory inhabitants.

In the rainy, summer months, widely acknowledged as the green season, around November to April, thousands upon thousands of zebra invade Nxai Pan National Park to take full advantage of the rich pastures, rain-ripe grasslands, and brimming waterholes. Their striped presence delights fanged predators, such as lion, cheetah and, leopard, who feast upon them in droves. It is the second largest land animal migration in Southern Africa. The large herds of giraffe, that graze along the tall trees are unique to the area and at times boast over 30 in one group.

Discover the ethereal beauty of the 4 000-year-old Baines Baobabs, which delicately scrape the horizon, standing firm, deeply rooted in the African soil. Located in the southern part of the Park, the baobabs were immortalised in 1862 by adventurer and Victorian artist Thomas Baines. His accurate paintings perfectly illustrate the slow passage of time in the region, the authentic African landscapes and the humbling realisation of standing alongside an ancient wonder.


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