Safari game drive in Moremi

Take on the wide plains of Moremi Game Reserve in an open safari vehicle

The essence of the Safari game drive

Game drives across the Moremi National Park, ideally located in the central and eastern region of the Okavango Delta, offer remote and secluded adventures in private concessions. Moremi is home to the Moremi Tongue and Chief’s Island, featuring one of the most varied ecosystems in Africa. Witness the raw, untouched beauty of the open bush, widely acknowledged as the predator capital of the world. The region promises up-close views of unique wildlife and flourishing vegetation and is the only area in Botswana where the Big Five can be found.

Moremi National Park was the first reserve inaugurated in 1963 by local residents, fearful of the rapid exhaustion of native wildlife in their ancestral lands. Today, it is the only protected area within the Okavango Delta, significant for its environmental and conservation efforts.

Professionally trained guides tailor drives to your preferences, whether it’s to view predators feeding on a kill, learn about the mannerisms of certain animals and their habitats or simply to enjoy the vast expanse of the bush and the panoramic surroundings. Guides are eager and always willing to impart their vast knowledge and expertise to interested travelers. Modified open four-wheel drive vehicles seat six passengers, ensuring a ‘window’ seat and unobstructed views.

Morning drives explore the beauty of the bush as it wakes when predatory cats like lions and leopards are likely to be found feasting on the night’s kill and grazing herds of buffalo and antelope begin to stir. Stately giraffes and the endangered rhino can be found on the plains or in the thickets, while elephants splash gently through deep waters inhabited by stout hippos. Adventures here take you deep off the beaten track as you delight in the thrill of fording the clear waters of the Delta crossing in your four-wheel drive vehicle.

Afternoon drives continue after nightfall, allowing for nocturnal encounters that include the glowing eyes of stealthy leopards, regal genet cats, lion hunts and scurrying hyenas looking to scavenge the bony remnants. Embrace the African darkness and reflect upon the vast expanse of the night sky, marveling at the journey that has brought you here, enveloped by the symphony of the bush.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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