tracker on safari vehicle driving towards the sunset at phinda

Go 'There’ in 3 words & win...

Win a Journey-for-2 valued from USD 11,000

Win an &Beyond Journey-for-2

Will it be in Africa?

It could be, but then it could also be in Asia or perhaps South America. The choice will be yours.

Where will you stay?

Wherever you stay, luxury is a guarantee, so be prepared to be indulged.

What will you see and do?

You’ll see wild and beautiful spaces; you will do things that will touch your heart. Your experiences will be deeply meaningful.

Explore these three journeys. One of them could be yours

Enter in three easy steps

  1. Watch the video clip below
  2. Listen carefully to the voice over
  3. Answer the question by filling in the missing three words


Complete the sentence from the video voice-over:

It is a longing to leave our world ___ ___ ___. [Hint: three words]

Explore the world of &Beyond

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