Why visit Panna National Park

Head to one of India’s most pristine and tranquil wilderness destinations and discover the natural beauty of Panna National Park.

One of the most pristine, tranquil and beautiful of India’s wilderness areas, Panna National Park is the ideal place to escape to for serene appreciation of the country’s sheer natural beauty. The diverse landscape of gorges, plateaus, forests and the majestic Ken River creates surprises around every corner.

Although the tiger population of the park is sparse, Panna is home to no less than five other species of cat – leopard, jungle cat, leopard cat, rusty spotted cat and caracal. Hyenas, wild dogs, jackals, wolves and foxes are also found here, together with India’s ‘Big Four’ snakes, the spectacled cobra, Russel’s viper, saw scaled viper and common krait.

Why Visit?

Take a day’s excursion to visit the remnants of the Kalinjar Fort, a testament to India’s royal history.

Visit the World Heritage Site of the magnificent Khajuraho Temples and enjoy an evening of entertainment with a spectacular sound and light show.

Find your inner peace and enjoy a yoga session, led by renowned local teachers. Each session is tailored to suit your specific needs and interests.


Summer (May – September)
Min 23°C/73°F Max 40°C/104°F

Winter (October- April)
Min11°C/52°F Max 23°C/73°F

The climate of this region is tropical. Summers are hot and humid and Winters are pleasant. The park is closed from July to early October during monsoon.

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