Why visit the Matobo Hills?

A UNESCO World Heritage Site is situated only 45kms from Bulawayo.

The granite domes and castle kopjes of the Matobo Hills echo the essence of tranquillity and the majesty of untamed Africa, where mammal and bird species are prolific.

Included here are the highest concentrations of Leopard and Black Eagle in the world, as well as a healthy population of the endangered Black and White Rhino.

Some of the most breathtaking granite scenery in the world is found in the Matobo Hills. It is here that the hopes, trials and tribulations of the San Bushmen are recorded in the ancient rock art.

Why Visit?

  • A world of knobbly granite domes and outcrops
  • Known for its resident white and black rhino
  • It has one of Africa’s highest concentrations of leopard
  • A utopia for bird watchers
  • This is one of the few places where you the rare black eagle breeds
  • The home of the rock art galleries, where some of the finest of southern African san paintings are found


Summer (September – April)
Min 14°C/58°F Max 38°C/86°F

Winter (May – August)
Min 5°C/41°F Max 20°C/68°F

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