HeaderBandas at Greystoke Mahale offers best views of Lake Tanganyika

Why visit the Mahale Mountains National Park?

Stretching along the shores of vast Lake Tanganyika, Mahale is home to Tanzania’s chimpanzees and visitors to the park can track these fascinating primates and observe their complex social structure first-hand.

The lake lends itself to lazy days out on the water, fishing, birding and game viewing from a different perspective.

Why Visit?

  • Encounter wild chimpanzees and the red colobus monkey.
  • Far from the beaten track and ruggedly adventurous.

Set among the forested slopes of the mountains of the same name, the Mahale Mountains National Park was originally created to protect thousands of chimpanzees. It is renowned for its fantastic sunsets over Lake Tanganyika, which makes it an essential stop for keen photographers and safari enthusiasts. The habitat combines rainforest, grasslands, alpine bamboo and woodland.

Some 50 species of animals have been recorded in the Park, predominant among these being representatives of various monkey and ape families. Over 90 unique species of fish swim in the clear waters of the lake.

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