Horseback safaris in the Chyulu Hills

Why visit Chyulu National Park?

Tucked away between Tsavo West National Park and Amboseli National Park, Chyulu Hills National Park boasts striking and diverse landscapes.
Chyulu is a rugged wilderness still showing signs of its volcanic origins – and boasting some of the best views of Kilimanjaro.

Why Visit?

  • Visit the 275,000 acre Mbirikani Group Ranch and see innovative lion conservation by the Maasai.
  • See both ancient and new volcanic cinder cones and craters, with the most recent volcanic peak forming just 500 years ago.
  • Explore the lava tubes of the Kisula Caves Complex.
  • One of the best areas to view Mt Kilimanjaro.
  • Enjoy excellent bird watching on Lake Jipe in the southwest corner of the park.


Summer (October – April)
Min 20°C/68°F Max 34°C/94°F

Winter (May – September)
Min 11°C/52°F Max 25°C/78°F

Long rains from April to May; short rains from November to mid-December.

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