What do the travel experts say about travelling to Africa with kids?

Expert Travel Specialist with &Beyond, Melanie Dannhauser, gives us the low down on travelling with your family in Africa, from discussing safety concerns to choosing the perfect family destination.

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Building memories with our family is one of the most extraordinary things we can do. A wonderful way to do this is to travel together and reconnect in a place that allows you to share, discover and experience as a unity.

Today life is so precious, and time is ever fleeting, so all the more reason to gather the family, from the very close ones to the extended, best friends and crazy godparents and enjoy a vacation in a new place. The in thing is multigenerational travel, the opportunity for grandparents to come along on holiday to appreciate the time with their kids and spoil the grandkids, a family unit to solidify relationships before the children fly the nest and close friends with kids who are besties.

Families want to connect with no distraction from the outside world and “In an age of distraction nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention”. With so many unique dynamics in a group the holiday must ideally be suitable for all ages. Ask yourselves, what are we looking for? A jam-packed adventure, a cultural tour de force, or slow travel, deep diving into one destination? Then, ask an &Beyond Travel Specialist, who will curate the ideal journey for your family.

Is Africa a scary place to travel with the littles?

There is a strange misconception that Africa is a scary place to travel with young kids and this really is absolutely unfounded. As with any travel, one just needs to plan ahead. Travelling to Africa is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children, to introduce them to such a warm, rich continent is a treasure they will never forget.

What is important is to consider itineraries for young kids and make sure they are brimming with adventure to keep them occupied. Also, one must consider travel times as too much confinement in a plane makes for very excited children and very ratty passengers. Ultimately a Travel Specialist is just what is needed in order to balance experience and the logistics of getting your family to their ideal destination.

Africa caters to EVERYONE, so where should we go?

All countries offer something for everyone but naturally there are some that are easier to travel to than others. There are so many destinations and extraordinary experiences, so it is 100% advisable you contact a Travel Specialist to ensure your ultimate family holiday is realised and that you don’t consider a gorilla trek in Rwanda with a three-year-old.

South Africa is top of the list and is ideal for younger families with children. If you are going on safari there is no need for yellow fever and malaria medication, wildlife reserves are fenced, and if you opt for a self-drive, distances can be relatively short, a welcome relief from endless ‘I spy with my little eye’.

Botswana is a fantastic destination for the older generation and teenagers, and at our lodges and camps, there are no fences so an elephant or a lion could roam around the camp – a teenager would be awestruck, a toddler would shriek. Botswana also offers unforgettable adrenalin activities such as a meerkat experience, Bushman walks, mokoro activities, quad biking and heli flips. The teenagers won’t want to leave, and the grandparents will be bungee jumping off Victoria Falls.

Kenya and Tanzania are world-renowned, and the Masai Mara National Reserve, Serengeti National Park and Amboseli National Park are bucket list destinations with the added spectacle of the Great Migration. The Masai Mara boasts the best bush teacher that teach kids how to read landscapes and track animals. End off your safari on white sandy beaches on the Spice Island of Zanzibar, the ultimate spot for cocktails, ice cream, relaxation and “wiping off the safari dust”.

“The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories”

– Og Mandino


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