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Pashan Garh Wilderness Lodge

The dramatic slate roofs of Pashan Garh Wilderness Lodge rise out of private jungle in the Panna National Park.

Inspired by the dry-packed stone architecture of the region, Pashan Garh is stony and rough hewn, with white marble and leather furniture to soften its stark lines.
A spacious central courtyard celebrates local Haveli design, with its sense of sanctuary and coolness.
The dramatic lines of the lodge create a theatre of jungle discovery and adventure, with constant reminders of the wildlife haven outside, like the massive black and white nature photo canvases that decorate the walls or the crocodile motifs that echo the inhabitants of the Ken River nearby.

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About the Lodge

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Why Visit

  • Situated near Panna National Park
  • The World Heritage Site of Khajuraho, with its intricately carved ancient Indian temples, is an easy day trip from Pashan Garh
  • Surrounded by 190 acres (70 hectares) of private jungle
  • Magnificent views over the forest and a watering hole


Summer (April - June))
Temperatures range from 18˚C / 64˚F to 44˚C / 111˚F

Winter (May-September)
Temperatures range from 2˚C / 36˚ to 25˚C / 77˚F

Fast Facts

  • Best time to travelAll year round
  • Recommended for ChildrenChildren are welcome; for safety reasons, children 5 years and younger cannot participate in the regular game drives;
  • Guest SafetyCheck with your travel agent on travel precautions
  • Lodge Amenities12 luxury air conditioned stone cottages, Fort-like guest area with lookout tower, Lodge swimming pool,  In-room massage,  Safari Shop
  • LanguagesHindi Language, English Language
  • Wildlifesloth bear, leopard, wolf, hyena and jackal. Nilgai, sambar, chital and wild boar, marsh
    mugger crocodile, storks and cranes,  eagles and vultures.
  • CurrencyIndian Rupee
  • Capacity12 rooms, 24 guests

Recommended Tours

Learn More about Pashan Garh Wilderness Lodge
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    At Pashan Garh Wilderness Lodge, the days are designed to thrill you with unexpected jungle encounters and the fragrant Indian nights.

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    Inspired by the dry-packed stone architecture of the region, Pashan Garh is stony and rough hewn, with white marble and leather furniture.

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    A passion for creating extraordinary experiences for our guests runs in the veins of all &Beyond staff in India.

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