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&Beyond Travel Vouchers

The gift of travel is always a winner. Most of us love to explore new worlds and tick off those enviable bucket list moments. Yet sharing the love of travel gives so much more: it’s a gift of love, a gift of time, a gift of experience and a gift of learning; travel is life’s pause button, giving us much-needed quality time with the people we cherish most.

Perfect for those very special occasions, &Beyond’s Travel Vouchers for Africa, Asia or South America, offer unforgettable opportunities to explore the three continents’ most iconic destinations.

Frequently asked questions

What is an &Beyond Travel Voucher?

Our &Beyond Travel Vouchers are electronic vouchers that customers (guests) purchase online for someone else as a gift. These are delivered to the purchaser as a PDF in an email. The vouchers are available from us online, by completing the form below, and are purchased in USD value amounts, with a minimum value of USD 100.

How can the &Beyond Travel Voucher be redeemed?

The voucher can be redeemed as payment or part-payment of a booking for any &Beyond travel service, including our lodges and camps, Small Group Journeys, &Beyond Offers, or tailor-made itineraries.

Can I redeem the voucher through my preferred travel specialist?

Yes, our Travel Vouchers can be applied to a booking made with your travel specialist. The voucher number will need to be supplied to your chosen travel advisor in order to ensure that it is still valid.

What value and currency options are available?

The vouchers are available in USD. Remember that your purchase needs to have a minimum value of USD 100, but you can purchase any value above the minimum.

Do the vouchers have an expiry date?

Yes, an expiry date is set at 3 years from the date of purchase. The voucher may be redeemed against a booking confirmed before the expiry date, even if the travel date of the booking is after the expiry date.

Can the vouchers be applied to an existing booking?

Yes, they are applicable to any future or new booking, for any &Beyond lodge and camp, Small Group Journey or tailor-made itinerary (including those made by your preferred travel specialist). They cannot be applied retrospectively to completed journeys.

How will a USD voucher be applied to a South African booking denominated in ZAR?

The ruling exchange rate at the date of redemption of the voucher will be applied for the conversion of the USD value into ZAR.

Can a voucher be redeemed across multiple bookings?

No, a voucher can only be redeemed against a single booking.

How do I purchase an &Beyond Travel Voucher?

Complete the form below, and one of our &Beyond Travel Specialists will contact you to confirm your request and to process payment. Once payment has been confirmed, the travel specialist will email the &Beyond Travel Voucher in digital form. It can also contain a personal message, which you can detail in the form below, or provide to your &Beyond Travel Specialist.

How do I redeem an &Beyond Travel Voucher?

Each voucher issued contains the contact details to redeem it, as well as a unique voucher number. The recipient of the voucher would need to quote this number to redeem its value and ensure its validity.

Terms and Conditions

  • &Beyond Travel Vouchers:
    • are not redeemable for cash and will not be replaced if lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission;
    • are not transferable;
    • can only be purchased from &Beyond;
    • can only be redeemed against a single booking. Any unutilised amounts are not-refundable;
    • can be redeemed against a new or existing booking for &Beyond Lodges and Camps, our Small Group Journeys, Offers or Tailormade Journeys;
    • Expire 3 years (36 months) after the date of issue, or on the redemption against a booking, whichever comes earlier
    • &Beyond’s standard terms and conditions apply to all travel arrangements purchased with these vouchers.

&Beyond travel vouchers