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Since &Beyond’s inception back in 1991, the mighty Bateleur eagle has taken pride of place in our company logo. Not only is this majestic bird an indicator of the health of an ecosystem, but in some cultures, it is also said to be a good omen, bringing with it protection and good fortune. How fortuitous that whenever our forefathers (and mothers) were making important decisions about the fate and future of &Beyond, they would glance up to see a graceful Bateleur flying overhead, as if to reassure and bring good blessings. Bateleur actually means ‘acrobat’ or ‘tight-rope walker’ in French. When these eagles soar, they rock from side to side, almost mimicking the balancing act of a tight-rope walker, which is only fitting since our company ethos is all about maintaining a healthy balance of caring for the land, wildlife and people. &Beyond’s Bateleur magazine proudly took this majestic bird as its namesake, and now, the eagle is soaring to new heights with The Bateleur.

guests at andbeyond phinda interacting with local community kids

Imagination is universal The journey of a guest who inspired imagination in the community and emerged all the richer for it…
by Claire Trickett18th August 2017
Through the eyes of our guests

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flamingo in a lake

10 Must-see animal migrations In addition to the Great Migration, there are many other animal migrations to put on your bucket list…
by Claire Trickett17th August 2017

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wildebeest running through grass by andrew schoeman

Photographing the Great Migration With the Great Migration now in full swing, our expert photographic guides share their expertise…
by Claire Trickett11th August 2017
Travel Tips

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pride of male lions by daniel dolpire

A Species in decline, we’re not ‘lion’ To celebrate #WorldLionDay, we take a look back at some of our proudest victories in lion conservation…
by Claire Trickett10th August 2017

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nick scott taking a photo of an elephant on a ngala safari

The courage to move forward &Beyond guest Nick Scott’s journey of strength, hope and courage is one we can all learn from…
by Claire Trickett4th August 2017
Through the eyes of our guests

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rhino hanging on a rope lifted by a helicopter on the rhinos without borders initiative

Ever seen a rhino fly? Rhinos Without Borders has safely airlifted the most recent batch of 12 rhino to Botswana…
by Claire Trickett3rd August 2017

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mark pretorius running for rhino in the marathon des sables

For the love of rhinos Mark Pretorius completed the arduous Marathon des Sables, all for the love of rhinos. Here’s his story…
by Claire Trickett2nd August 2017
Leave a Legacy

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tiger laying on a branch in india

The world needs more stripes In celebration of Global Tiger Day tomorrow, here are some fun facts about these striped beauties…
by Claire Trickett28th July 2017

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Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa.

10 Perfect places to stay in Cape Town Here are 10 perfect places to stay while you explore South Africa’s cosmopolitan Mother City…
by Claire Trickett25th July 2017
Travel Inspiration

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turtle conservation vamizi quirimbas

15 animals you have to see The animal kingdom continues to delight and intrigue, and with that in mind, here are our Top 15 wildlife...
by Claire Trickett19th July 2017

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Oryx Walking in Sossusvlei Namibia

15 Reasons to visit Sossusvlei Our Editor Claire Trickett shares her 15 reasons why &Beyond Sossusvlei belongs on your bucket list…
by Claire Trickett18th July 2017

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private dining at andbeyond ngorongoro crater

Our 15 favourite surprise feasts Celebrating our 15 favourite surprise feasts for &Beyond guests on 3 different continents…
by Claire Trickett14th July 2017
Through the eyes of our guests

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