Bateleur Eagle

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Since &Beyond’s inception back in 1991, the mighty Bateleur eagle has taken pride of place in our company logo. Not only is this majestic bird an indicator of the health of an ecosystem, but in some cultures, it is also said to be a good omen, bringing with it protection and good fortune. How fortuitous that whenever our forefathers (and mothers) were making important decisions about the fate and future of &Beyond, they would glance up to see a graceful Bateleur flying overhead, as if to reassure and bring good blessings.

Bateleur actually means ‘acrobat’ or ‘tight-rope walker’ in French. When these eagles soar, they rock from side to side, almost mimicking the balancing act of a tight-rope walker, which is only fitting since our company ethos is all about maintaining a healthy balance of caring for the land, wildlife and people.

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