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Signature experiences

Delhi, India

  • Explore the whirling streets of Old Delhi, a mesmerising montage of people, vehicles, holy cows, traders and hagglers, and holy men all surging through the fascinating labyrinth of lanes
  • Marvel at the magnificent historical architecture of a bygone era in New Delhi, and venture down leafy tree lined streets with sprawling contemporary complexes
  • Delve into the powerful spiritual backbone of the country and discover temples, mosques and churches congregating peacefully side by side
  • Discover the bustling Chandi Chowk market and gain insight into a swirling abundance of colours, textures, bejewelled saris, shimmering bangles, artfully painted henna hands, delectable aromas, sweet fragrances, handicrafts and the ever present chai (tea), an essential part of any vibrant retail experience

Kalinjar, India

  • Journey to the captivating fort of Kanlinjar draped with exquisite temples, palaces, and sculptures embedded on a lush jungle expanse
  • Engage with friendly locals as they invite you into their traditional homes in a picturesque village
  • Meander around the ancient Neelkanth Mahadev Temple and observe the two major Bhairava statues and a collection of old sculptures in the Aman Singh Palace
  • Climb to the fort of Ajaigarh. Immersed in striking teak forests, enjoy beautiful views of the group of intricate Chandela temples

Panna National Park, India

  • Revel in exhilarating jungle safaris at Panna National Park, tracking iconic wildlife including the elusive tiger
  • Scan the magnificent landscape of the park and search for wildlife in lush forests, deep gorges, infinite plateaus and the gushing Ken River, drawing animals to quench their thirst
  • Learn about the delicate intricacies of the bush with a specially trained naturalist who will explain how the fauna and flora exist in harmony, and discover the art of tracking sloth bear, wild dog and sambar deer

Orchha, India

  • Wander around the enchanting ancient town of Orchha at night, and step into a fairy-tale featuring charming palaces, holy temples, and magnificent monuments
  • Soak in the beautiful landscape surrounding medieval Orchha, which is enveloped by sprawling mountains and picturesque greenery

Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary, India

  • Traverse through the dense foliage of the Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary in search of iconic wildlife including leopard, wolves and hyena
  • Enjoy a walk through buffer forests with Moghiya hunters who will take you to the sparkling Kuno River to showcase their fishing talent
  • Visit a fascinating tribal settlement located on the Karahal Plateau
  • Explore Palpur Fort and Shivpuri Town, once a thriving hunting ground for the resplendent Mughals

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