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Luxury mobile camping is perfect for those who want to get that one-step closer to the spectacular wilderness on an African safari. With a dedicated Expedition Guide by your side, you will move from one private campsite to the next, experiencing exclusive and tailored wildlife sightings in the heart of untamed landscapes.


Chief, as he is affectionately known, was born in the Okavango Delta, in a small remote village called Beetsha, north of the “Panhandle”. He inevitably grew up very close to nature and developed a love for the bush that made the transition to guiding naturally easy. Chief pursued his passion for guiding during 2001 and joined &Beyond Expeditions in 2009. Chief loves a good laugh and maintains an easy approach to life. On his off time, he enjoys fishing with friends and family as well as embarking on bush walks.

What our guests have to say:

“Thank you so much for getting Chief as our guide. He made our safari the success it was. His professionalism and knowledge surpassed all our expectations. If it wasn’t for his constant planning and enthusiasm we would not have seen the kill I mentioned amongst other amazing things. I would be pleased if you could pass this on to Chief’s manager. He deserves to be acknowledged.”
Stephen, &Beyond guest


Keiditsemang (also known as KD) is one of &Beyond Expeditions’ most knowledgeable guides. He has a love for learning and teaching, making his chosen career of guiding not a job, but a passion! At a young age, KD was introduced to Wildlife Officers at his primary school in Maun, where he was instantly inspired to become a custodian for his country’s fauna and flora. Long story short, KD went on to become an incredibly well educated and well-rounded guide. He joined &Beyond Expeditions in 2008 and is a true ambassador for Botswana and &Beyond. He is also an avid birder!

What our guests have to say:

“Our main highlight – besides the fantastic variety of safari options and wildlife viewing – would have to have been our guide, KD Jeremiah, without him our trip would not have been the same. He was one of the most passionate, attentive, and intelligent and enthralling people we have ever met. His knowledge on wildlife, birdlife, conservation, naturalism, politics, patriotism and Botswana as a whole, kept us hanging on his every word. His passion for game viewing is infectious and made us excited for every game drive, no matter how much time we spent in the vehicle. His ability to track animals and inform us on every behavioural instinct was equal to having our very own David Attenborough on site. To top it off he could host and entertain us every evening with the range of conversation. I really do think he is an incredible asset to your &Beyond team.”
Tessa, &Beyond guest


Ezekiel “Eze” Dithameko grew up in a small village known as Sepopa in the north of the Okavango Delta. He has always been very proactive in his community and his environment. After kick-starting his career by protecting and serving his country in the army, he was longing for something more. After listening to the many bush stories told by his friend who was a guide at the time, he decided that guiding was in fact the dream career that he wanted to embark on. In 2001, Eze pursued his passion for wildlife and joined &Beyond Expeditions in 2007. He is “easy going”, humble, and carries a vast knowledge of the bush and his country.

What our guests have to say:

“A special mention must be made of “Captain Easy”! What a pleasure and treasure he was, we were nearly in tears when we said our good bye at the Zimbabwe border. He was very knowledgeable and easy going, capable as well as entertaining.”
Monika, &Beyond guest


Katembo comes from a village in north western Botswana called Etsha 6, a community well known for the best basket weaving in Botswana. After being enthralled by the many stories told by his uncle, a former guide, he was inspired to embark on a guiding career himself. Katembo qualified as a guide in 2002 and joined &Beyond in 2005 at &Beyond Sandibe Okavango Delta Lodge. He then moved to &Beyond Expeditions in 2008. His favourite area in Botswana remains the Okavango Delta due to its diversity and uniqueness. During Katembo’s off time, he enjoys living a basic lifestyle at his cattle-post.

What our guests have to say:

“We saw all the animals we could have dreamed of thanks to our excellent guide Katembo travelling with us from Maun. We are very happy that it was Katembo that was our guide, we seemed to be at exactly the right place at every moment to get the best experience. He is also a very skilled, well presented and friendly person, whose company we enjoyed a lot.”
Per, &Beyond guest


Mompati grew up in the village of Mathangwane near Francistown. He worked at a mobile camp in the Linyanti region as a waiter but felt compelled to learn more about wildlife surrounding his camp and soon qualified as a guide in 1998. Mompati joined &Beyond in 2004 and is passionate about the birds, trees and flowers of Botswana’s spectacular landscapes. His favourite regions include the renowned Savuti and central Kalahari areas of the country. With his many years exploring Botswana, he firmly believes that &Beyond Expeditions is the best way to see a little bit of everything this magnificent destination has to offer.

What our guests have to say:

“Our guide Mompati was very knowledgeable, courteous and always knew the answer to our many questions about the animal and plant world of Botswana. We could not imagine a better guide. He’s a perfect ambassador for &Beyond.”


Sam was raised in the Okavango Delta in a village called Mogotho. He was inspired to become a guide from a very young age, after witnessing a lion taking down a buffalo. In 1995 he pursued his dream of becoming a guide and joined &Beyond Expeditions in 2004. Sam is very passionate about Expeditions due to its magnificent variety of wildlife areas, but he keeps the Okavango Delta close to his heart, particularly its spectacular sunsets. Sam spends his leisure time looking after his herd of cattle.

What our guests have to say:

“There was one element of our trip that stood out above all others, one person who made the whole safari an unforgettable experience, and that was our guide, Sam. His job seemed to include so many different tasks, each of which he performed with the same authority, mixed with thoughtfulness & good humour. He identified every animal and bird, every distant sound & faint footprint, without hesitation. He was able to answer every question put to him, and kept us informed & entertained throughout the trip, not just on wildlife but on the geography & history of Botswana as well. His breadth of knowledge was astonishing, and the manner in which he put it across was always interesting. His ability to spot wildlife that the rest of us had overlooked was a constant source of amazement. All this whilst driving across scrub & through sand, sometimes for many hours on end. ”
Stuart & Ania, &Beyond guests


Benjamin grew up in a small village called Boro, a remote area abundant with wildlife near Maun, on the edge of the Okavango Delta. During his junior level years at school, he joined the Botswana Wildlife Club in Maun, where like-minded youth were taken out into the bush to explore its fauna and flora. This sparked a keen interest in becoming a professional safari guide and, after completing high school, Ben signed up with a local safari company where he trained as a nature guide. He was fully qualified in 1998, and since then has spent more time in the bush than in town, and he enjoys every moment of it. In 2018, Ben joined the &Beyond Botswana Mobile Camping team, and is eager to show his guests the magic and wonders of Botswana’s wilderness. When he is not in the bush, he escapes to his farm where he engages in long nature walks and bird watching.

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