Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa

A unique, environmentally-friendly hotel that plays tribute to the culture of Chile’s mythical Easter Island

The spirit of Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa

The unique, cutting-edge design of the Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa is inspired by the Orongo ceremonial village and site of the island’s ancient ‘Bird Man’ ritual. With its curvilinear walls and buildings topped with grass roofs, the hotel blends beautifully into its environment and promotes harmony with nature. The 75 elegantly minimalist guest rooms and suites have been built with local natural materials such as cypress trunks, clay and volcanic rock, fusing rustic elements with modern comfort. Each of the rooms has its own terrace with spectacular ocean views and boasts state-of-the-art technology that saves on water and electricity consumption, minimises noise, and frees the room of electromagnetic fields for a pollution-free environment.
The design of the hotel’s lounge spaces, reading room and lobby is based on a traditional Rapa Nui house, a construction that has the shape of an inverted boat. While outside, a heated pool, the Vaikoa bar and the expansive pebbled patio face out toward the breathtaking sea. Guests can also enjoy a delicious combination of international and local cuisine at the Poerava and Kaloa restaurants, and the deluxe Manavai Spa is the perfect place to relax after an extraordinary day of exploring this magical island.

What we love about Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa

  • Scuba dive in some of the most astonishingly clear waters in the world with up to 50 metres of visibility.
  • Visit the ancient site of Ahu Tongariki with 15 standing moai.
  • Enjoy traditional Rapa Nui culinary delicacies made with fresh produce from the local markets.

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