Gunhild Kveberg Kreken

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More about Gunhild

A travel advisor for 28 years, Gunhild’s first experience of Africa changed her life. She found it totally addictive – nature, sounds, smells, tastes, stars, sky, sunsets, people and SMILES!

Her favourite country is South Africa. Gunhild’s first safari there was in the Sabi Sands, where she had her first leopard sighting. “It was very emotional – and thinking of it brings tears to my eyes even 20 years later,” says Gunhild.

Gunhild also has a very romantic feeling about Kenya and the beautiful scenery from Out of Africa – a journey back in time. “I cannot think of a better place than Bateleur Camp to experience this, the high standards, and outstanding service overlooking the plains of Masai Mara…” says Gunhild. She is also very eager for her clients to experience Namibia: the sand dunes of Sossusvlei, the colours and the light in the Namib desert. Imagine being in a hot air balloon as the sun rises over the sand dunes, or seeing stars in the night sky with no light pollution.

Gunhild is really happy to work together with AndBeyond: “I love their focus on animal welfare and sustainability, and the fact that their guides and trackers are extremely good. Really makes a difference.”

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