Greg Fox

Preferred Trade Partner
United Kingdom

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More about Greg

A descendant of the famous African explorer Charles John Andersson, Greg grew up in South Africa travelling the country with his adventurous family. He became ‘obsessed’ with safari from the tender age of 3 and he is now a safari veteran. Greg co-founded Mahlatini Luxury Travel in 2002 to share his passion with Mahlatini’s discerning clients.

“Trust us to know when to see Botswana’s zebra migration, where to stay for the best views of the Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater or how to smoothly combine a beach and safari twin-centre” says Greg. “From first timers to safari pros, whether you are a birder or a keen photographer, we will personally tailor exclusive and authentic African journeys, away from the trodden tourist trail”

Greg counts as some of his bucket-list experiences: flying low level over the Okavango Delta in a helicopter; witnessing The Great Migration in the Serengeti; and watching his young children experience their first safari.

“We at Mahlatini share an insatiable curiosity and love for Africa,” says Greg, “the unique insight we possess and the passion we feel is the extra intangible part that makes your trip so special.”

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