Cherri Briggs

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United States

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More about Cherri

Cherri lives half time with her husband at their home on the banks of Zambia’s remote Lower Zambezi River. She has spent the past 25 years combing the continent, creating unique African travel experiences from canoeing the Zambezi to galloping on horseback with zebra and giraffe across the Okavango Delta or Serengeti Plaines, to exploring the remote corners of the Congo Basin. She pioneered the first descent of Mozambique’s Lugenda River in 2003 (500 miles by kayak) and is a member of the Explorer’s Club. She knows the most remote, far corners of Africa, but her obsession is developing highly customised safaris for her clients in the iconic safari destinations of Southern and East Africa.

Her deep knowledge of the landscape, lodges, seasonal changes and best guides in Africa ensures her clients get the best value and itinerary best suited to their interests. Cherri has worked in conservation for decades, serving on the boards of several African conservation organisations. She has consistently been awarded virtually every African travel specialist award out there: Condé Nast Traveler has acknowledged her as a “Top Travel Specialist for Africa” annually since the award’s creation in 2001 and she is on Travel & Leisure’s “A-List” for Africa. Cherri is also one of Wendy Perrin’s highly select African Travel Specialists. She was the first non-citizen appointed to the Botswana Tourism Organisation’s Board and serves as Honorary Consul for the Embassy for the Republic of Zambia to the USA.

She and her husband created Direct Impact Africa which has fostered 20 projects impacting thousands of rural Zambians through the implementation of off-grid solar-powered irrigation and electrical fencing, women’s projects, playgrounds, girls and boys clubs, fish farms and clinics.

Cherri continues to uncover the continent’s most exciting new experiences with her extensive travel in Africa and Explore’s team of experts in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

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